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As businesses chose to move to Google Cloud and Google Workspace, they are left without and easy way to use the data stored in Microsoft Access within Google’s Ecosystem. Our automated migration process offers low downtime to make the process as easy and quick as possible.
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A Modern Alternative to MS Access

MS Access was a revolutionary tool because it allowed non-technical employees to develop data-driven or data-based computer applications to solve common business process problems.

With the advent of cloud computing and modern web and mobile application ubiquity, MS Access (usually being localized to a client desktop) has become irrelevant in the market.

Google’s AppSheet, a ‘no-code’ web & mobile application development platform, provides even greater business process automation and problem-solving utility due to its mobile-first deployment strategy and cloud-based architecture.

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AppSheet allows you to connect to Data in Google Sheets, Google Cloud SQL, and many other data sources

  • Easily build intuitive user interfaces
  • Apply business rules and logic
  • Configure automations and quickly deploy to users on Mobile Devices and Web Browsers

Being “mobile-first” means that AppSheet gives you the ability to capture photos, geotag, sign with your finger, scan barcodes codes, read NFC tags and more, all with your mobile device. Advanced features also include Machine Learning and AI integrations such as Predictive Modeling, Natural Language Processing and Optical Character Recognition. Google AppSheet is a very approachable and truly ‘no-code’ platform, making it easy for existing technical staff or non-technical staff to build their own applications.

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We are here to jump-start your journey into this new and exciting space with offerings ranging from:

★ Do-it-yourself

  • Instructor Led Group Training
  • 1 on 1 Coaching

★ Let us do it for you

  • Solution Consulting
  • Full project Development as needed.

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